Thursday, 12 April 2012

My Very First Blog

Not too sure how this works but here we go. I LOVE Design and Decorating!! and get inspiration from other blogs, so figured someone could get inspiration from mine (maybe :)
I just re-organised my craft/sewing/work space!! a work in progress. 

I got these prints from an awesome store "Anthropology" it was a calendar that I cut up!! :-)


  1. Good on you my dear, I'm trying to complete an interior design course too :) Your office space looks great, super creative, well done! Hugs Janet

  2. Oh this is GREAT!!! I reckon we just had an over the oceans triplet moment because on Wednesday i went out and bought a few furniture items that i am busy refurbishing and was gonna put the progress up on a blog... :) How weird is that!!! I love what you do you and you REALLY need to remove the (maybe!) from up top, you do inspire many so don't doubt it :)
    I will send pictures of the stuff i am working on soonest.
    I got a beautiful lamp that i'm gonna recover, learn't how to do that from one super clear and creative lady - YOU! Actually can you post the steps so i can make sure i remember how to do it?

    1. That is so weird sister!!! We have had a few of those moments haven't we :-)
      Gonna go check out yours now!
      I will do a lamp and show how ro re-cover!!!!