Friday, 27 April 2012

close up :-)
You know how you never really know were to keep all those extra buttons you get on your new clothes. well use a zip tie and a cute bottle and attach it to your new pegboard storage wall mount :-)

beautiful organised closet :-)

A friend made a simple frame for my pegboard. I then found some cool cupboard handles (you can get some real unique ones out there) and some pegboard hooks from the hardware store! and I have a great place to hang my handbags. Now I can see them I will use them more often and they not all over the wardrobe floor :-) brilliant !!!!! you can use this to hang your jewellery, scarfs, etc etc. 
Another great storage idea. Easy to do. Very inexpensive!
 What to do with a pegboard????????

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Here's a TIP put velcro on the side of your rack to hold your skate pads..... Air those stinky pads out PLEASE!!!! :-) lol 
Finished. I love having an organised space. 
Here is my project for today!! Tired of all the skateboards all over the playroom floor. so I made a rack. This will be full of boards but need more parts. Back to Bunnings tomorrow I think :-)
This is a restaurant in Burleigh Heads, Stunning decor and Stunning setting :-)

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Looking for some ideas?

I recently re-decorated keegans room!! My skater dude, wanted a skate industrial kinda look. I painted it an industrial grey and...  I went to a shop fitting store and got a cool wall rack to store and display his skate gear :-) There are tons of accessories that can be added to it!! It even was a second hand shop fitting store, bonus. Result a super cheap transformation. 

Friday, 13 April 2012

Thursday, 12 April 2012

OK my next project, curtains for the TV lounge. It gets super bright in there in the afternoon and I also don't really enjoy looking at a trampoline all the time :-) Fabric found, awesome neighbour makes curtains. lets do it :-) keep posted for the results. gonna be pretty bright and fresh !!

My Very First Blog

Not too sure how this works but here we go. I LOVE Design and Decorating!! and get inspiration from other blogs, so figured someone could get inspiration from mine (maybe :)
I just re-organised my craft/sewing/work space!! a work in progress. 

I got these prints from an awesome store "Anthropology" it was a calendar that I cut up!! :-)